“Hero” woman praised for replacing angry note neighbour left for delivery driver


“Sorry, we missed you. Your parcel can now be picked up at a depot open two hours a day.”

Written on a delivery card posted through the door, it’s always a frustrating message to receive.

Especially while many of us are working from home and indeed are in our houses all of the time.

But spare a thought for many delivery drivers – overworked and underpaid, with a huge increase in demand since the pandemic began.

It’s certainly not an easy job and a kind word or gesture goes a long way in these tough times.

One woman was praised after she replaced a rather rude note left by her neighbour for a delivery driver.

She shared her efforts on TikTok – and lots of people were impressed by her approach.

In the caption of the video, she added: “Rude people ruin days.”

The original note said: “Leave package on the God damn f*** door for f* sake.”


As easy as it is to get frustrated, it’s unlikely to help your situation if you leave a note like that.

But the unknown woman @katiehenry24 switched it up – adding in her video: “Mmm I felt that the Fedex guy doesn’t need that type of negativity in his life.”

She replaced the fuming note with one that said: “How about PLEASE. P.S. Manners matter.”

Lots of people applauded her efforts to take down the original note.

One person commented: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Another joked: “I would’ve waited till the package get delivered thane excessively duck taped it to their door and said: “Happy? It’s ON your door.”

A third added: “Why she gotta be rude like that. Poor Fedex driver :(“

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